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The International Rescue and Emergency Care Association hopes you enjoy all the valuable information that is available on the site.

IRECA hosts challenges in First Response Rescue, EMT, Paramedic, Technical Rescue, and Vehicle Extrication. IRECA holds a conference annually around the United States and Canada providing educational seminars, business meetings, displays of rescue vehicles, and leading industry suppliers. Feel free to read about upcoming events and view some of the past achievements. So enjoy the site and check back often for updates.

Technical Rescue Challenge

Below is a sample of our Tech Rescue Challenge.  


Message from the President

I’m very proud, and honored, to serve as the President of the International Rescue and Emergency Care Association.  In 1990, when I attended my first conference, I had no idea that I would come to hold this organization so dear to my heart.

I first started my tenure with IRECA as a competitor in both the BLS and Heavy Rescue competition.  We were competing in the hotel’s big ball rooms that had been sectioned off in 10’X10’ squares.  It was a big challenge just to get all your required equipment, patient, and my partner and I into the square, (Doug was 6’8”/280# and I was 5’10”/270#).  It was tight… and then you had to add a couple of judges.  The Heavy Rescue (Technical Rescue) teams were made up with 9 team members, with about half of those members being over the 250# mark.  The Heavy rescue challenges in those days were just as intense as it is today.  Very competitive, knowledge based, excellent display of skills while working very challenging scenarios. Those years spent as a competitor gave me the experience in both EMS and Rescue skills that made me a better person, rescuer, and EMT.  For the last 12 years, I have been fortunate to Chair the Technical Rescue Challenges, and to be involved in the Conference Planning Committee. 

Getting involved in the running of the Association and Conferece has been the biggest eye opener.  The work that goes on “behind the scenes” is sometimes overwhelming, but the outcome each year is a fantastic and rewarding weeklong conference. Teams get to display their knowledge and skills in world class challenges, scored by 3rd party judges of which help the teams meet OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.146 requirement.  There are educational tracks to learn new skills in both the classroom and out in the field with hands on training.  Afterwards, they can then take that knowledge back home and share with their teams.  Along with all that…one can look forward to having a fantastic fellowship time with old friends and a chance to meet and make new ones.  

I wanted to take a moment here and send a BIG “Thank You” to everyone (and there are a lot of you) that gave your time and efforts to help make the Technical Rescue Challenge the success that is has been.  To Arlene Presley, Gary Leafblad, and all the Chief Judges over the years that worked many hours to pull it off at crunch time, I sincerely appreciate every moment given to the effort.  And finally, my OEC kids…”**OEC ROCKS**”…!!!  This group of kids…the young men and women from Minnesota, are the best kept secret in the world today. I thank you… and can say I love every minute of my opportunity to spend time with all of you.  It is REAL, and it is FUN, and a majority of the time…it is REALLY A LOT OF FUN…

This year we move on to a new adventure in that I’m challenged to work at improving an organization that has done very well over the last 68 years.  I’m fortunate to have people I can lean on that have worked diligently themselves to keep the IRECA organization moving forward.  We do have our work cut out for us.  In 2013, we introduce the “4 man lite Rescue” challenge for the first time.  The reviews we received were great and we had several responses submitted in our effort to get an evaluation from team members who participated. From those suggestions, we will work at getting some items worked out and get those changes posted on the web page before January 1, 2014.

Let me say again that getting involved in the running of the Association and Conference was the biggest eye opener for me when I first started “getting involved”.  I would like to encourage people to get involved; start attending meetings, “shadow” someone working in the area of your interest, and be a contributor of new ideas, conference planning groups, writing scenario’s, volunteering to work the conference front desk, will let you see what the “Behind the Scene’s” view looks like.

In closing, I would like to welcome our new Board members.  I’ve known all these folks a very long time and I know they believe in IRECA and are hard workers.  They will do a great job in their positions.


Tom Danielson – Technical Rescue Chairman

Alex Villarreal – 1st Vice President

Kris Pollio – Rescuer-at-Large


I look forward to seeing ya’ll in Charlotte, North Carolina in June 2014.


Reggie Nalley                                                                                                                     President, International Rescue and Emergency Care Association