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IRECA Awards

Max Spray Award

Max L. Spray was an internationally known consultant in the emergency health and rescue fields. He served as the Executive Director of IRECA from 1956 to 1963. He was the inaugurating editor, in 1957, of the International Rescuer. Prior to his retirement in 1973, Mr. Spray served in various capacities in the Division of Emergency Health Services, US Public Health Service and the American Red Cross. He also owned his own Public Relations and Advertising Firm and was a veteran editor and newsman for the Ashland Kentucky Daily for over 10 years. Mr. Spray died on May 14, 1977 at the age of 73 years old.

The Max Spray award is given to an association member who has demonstrated a commitment to serving the association. Annually the President has the responsibility of choosing one person who has done the most to further the goals of the association over the past year.

Past Recipients

Year Host City Max Spray Award From Where
2019 College Station, TX Luke Reed Texas
2018 Boise, ID John Winkelman Minnesota
2017 Champaign, IL Erwin Villar Louisiana
2016 Walnut Creek, CA Sean Ahlers North Dakota
2015 Houston, TX Kris Polio Texas
2014 Charlotte, NC Tom Danielson New Jersey
2013 Boise, ID Jeanne “Ma” Mason Minnesota
2012 Charleston, SC Paul Wilson Minnesota
2011 Palm Springs, CA Gary Leafblad Minnesota
2010 Louisville, Ky Joseph Zealy South Carolina
2009 Virginia Beach, VA David Fullbright Texas
2008 Beaumont, TX Charlotte & Sol Zeidman Maryland
2007 Boise, ID Eddie Milhalic New Jersey
2006 Puyallup, WA Arlene Presley Minnesota
2005 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Randy Tanner Texas
2004 Bethlehem, PA Kimberly Bemenderfer Minnesota
2003 Dallas, TX Reggie Nalley Texas
2002 Minneapolis, MN Gary Leafblad Minnesota
2001 Boise, ID Kimberly Bemenderfer Minnesota
2000 Charlotte, NC Willard Jones South Carolina
1999 Houston, TX Capt. Elgin Browning Texas
1998 New Brunswick, NJ Marge Fenston Maryland
1997 Minneapolis, MN Joseph Grafft Minnesota
1996 Las Vegas, NV Steve Darling Canada
1995 Nashville, TN Sherrie Zabriskie Maryland
1994 Orlando, FL Ralph Ferrie New Jersey
1993 Richmond, VA Jimmy Williams Louisiana
1992 Concord, CA Ralph Ferrie New Jersey
1991 Columbus, OH Robert Moore Jr. Ohio
1990 Somerset, NJ Larry Bonner New Jersey
1989 Charleston, SC Douglas Weir
1988 Prince Edward Island, Canada Frank Dealing
1987 Virginia Beach, VA Tom Stewart
1986 Minneapolis, MN Nicholas Cicchino New Jersey
1985 Jacksonville, FL Tom Massena Canada
1984 Cherry Hill, NJ Morel Moss Minnesota
1983 Cincinnati, OH Harold Varnau
1982 Baltimore, MD Dawson Nethercut & Bud Ott Ohio
1981 Toronto, Canada Pat Johnstone
1980 New Orleans, LA Charles Perry
1979 Columbus, OH Ruby Gurry