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Following is a listing of books endorsed by IRECA for use in our competitions:

EMR Complete - Brady

by J.David Bergeron & Gloria Bizjak

 EMT: Emergency Care 12th Edition - Brady

by O’ Keefe

Rescue: High Angle Rescue Techniques; A Student Guide For Rope Rescue Class

by Tom Vines and Steve Hudson

The second edition of this popular text covers the critical rescue skills needed by emergency personnel working in both rural and urban areas. High Angle Rescue Techniques contains instruction for personal high angle rope skills and team rope rescue skills. The first half of the book introduces the student to the high angle environment, equipment used and specific personal skills. The second half of the book defines rope rescue as it is used by various disciplines, like law enforcement and fire service, and details some of the standard skills used in rope rescue. It also describes how communication is used in rescue, what distinguishes a team in rescue, and reviews the medical response needs in rescue. Every emergency provider should have access to this informative book which is the only compilation of all critical material relating to confined space hazards and emergencies.

  • ISBN: 0815195001
  • Publisher: Mosby


The International Manual of Basic Rescue Methods

by Dawson Nethercutt