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BLS Challenge

The Basic Life Support (BLS) challenge of the International Rescue and Emergency Care Association challenges each team, with their knowledge and skills, to perform real life scenarios.

IRECA EMS classes and challenges give participants classroom training and hands on experience to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. Participants often earn CEU credits (depending on their state’s credit system). Teams also get valuable 3rd party validation of their skills.

BLS teams must have at least one member be trained to the EMT level. Teams should be familiar with scene size up, patient assessment, taking vitals, treating wounds, and providing accurate hand-off reports.

This challenge usually takes 5 hours and includes 3 scenarios and an EMT level test.

Sample scenarios

  • 2015 - Scenario 1 - Catch a Pt by the Toe
  • 2015 - Scenario 3 - Dry Land

    The 2015 BLS challenge took place at the hotel. This challenge included a written EMT level test and scenarios at various locations. The challenge involved a crashed jet skis and a triage scenario.

    IRECA BLS Challenge Rules