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Join IRECA for an extensive week filled with team evaluations, workshops, hands-on clinics and world renowned lecturers. We have something for every industrial emergency provider from Emergency Responder to Paramedic to Technical Rescue personnel.
You will have the opportunity to network with some of the world’s best in emergency services and share ideas, as well as new techniques in a relaxed atmosphere where you can become a valued link in the solution.
* Workshops
* Team Evaluations 
* Lecturers 
* Hands-on Clinics 
* Socials
Our team evaluations are combined with team competitions that test your knowledge, team work, problems solving skills and discipline. You will be tested on individual knowledge as well as team performance. We offer challenge events in the following areas:
 * ALS
 * BLS
 * Technical Rescue
 * First Responder Rescue
Scholarship Donations:
We appreciate donations to the scholarship fund at all times of the year.  We are proud of our support for youth to pursue their education in emergency, rescue, or medical fields.  You may make your donation with your membership payment - check for form and indicate how much you would like to contribute.  You can also do it separately using this link.